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Village Capital draws on the power of peer support to build enterprises that change the world.We have supported nearly 300 mission-driven entrepreneurs across six continents worldwide. Our ventures have since raised more than $30 million, created over 5,000 jobs, and served over four million customers. And we’re just getting started.

The heart of Village Capital: democratizing entrepreneurship

Peer support is at Village Capital’s core. Inspired by the ‘village bank’ in microfinance, we convene and support cohorts of peers. Our entrepreneurs become allies in one another’s businesses, sharing insights and inspiration, along with hard-won lessons of practical experience. In partnership with a network of like-minded investors, we convene and deliver programs that…

  • Source top entrepreneurs – We’re looking around the world for leaders who seek both financial sustainability and impact. To date, more than 5,000 have applied for our programs.
  • Operate targeted training programs – We connect program participants to mentors and formal learning about HR, customer development, financials, scaling their enterprise and their impact. And we focus them on one another through intensive peer review.
  • Deliver investment capital – At the end of each program, top ventures selected by program peers received pre-committed capital through a unique process we call the ‘lens of an investor.’

Ultimately, we make the hard work of company-building easier by creating a productive program where entrepreneurs draw on one another for the kind of constructive feedback and strategy development that only comes from experience.

Village Capital calls this ‘Democratizing Entrepreneurship.’ We’re giving the entrepreneurs of tomorrow the best possible opportunity to change the world.

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