By Ben White Do you require capital to grow your business? If you are working on a scalable business, and think investors should consider backing your venture, VC4Africa is the place for you. See for example the companies that raised more than USD 27 million over the course of 2014. Our advice? Don't wait and start early. Fundraising takes time. Much more time than most entrepreneurs might expect. Get ahead of the curve by building a network of trusted business contacts today. Create visibility for your company with a venture profile on VC4Africa and document the progress you are making as a team. In this way you allow prospective partners to follow your journey, to see how you are progressing over time, and so they can engage your company when the time is right. Already have a venture profile registered with VC4Africa? Here are 7 tips for launching your fundraising campaign: 1) First Impressions Count – Spend the time to present a compelling story. Make sure your pitch is professional, clear and to the point. Make it easy for investors to understand your business and the size of the market opportunity. Add your team members and advisors to your team tab to show you are more

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